About us


Every day many Eritreans cross the border to end up as refugees. Once they cross the border to a neighboring country, they face challenges that include securing food, shelter and finding security. Most traditional big media cannot look at the detailed issues influencing the decisions of refugees, the events and situations that shape their journeys, the conditions they live in and their true aspirations. Africa Monitors is taking the initiative to create a platform to fill this gap.

Refugee on the move is designed to accommodate all the relevant news, discussion and communication amongst refugees in transit. The platform is designed as a dynamic and interactive website to address immediate issues and detailed news which are overlooked by the mainstream media.

Mission: To create timely and dependable information sharing and archiving platform for Eritrean refugees.



 1.              To ensure vital information shared among refugees in transit countries which will help them to take informed decisions.

2.              To ensure sharing of timely and vital information that help save lives from being lost in the journey.

3.              To facilitate the archiving of refugees’ original and firsthand stories and reports.

4.              To facilitate discussions on substantial issues influencing refugees and their migration, human rights issues and the creation of positive associations.

5.              To facilitate communication among potential entrepreneurs that lead to achieve economic empowerment.